Your Practice May Not Be As Stable As You Think...

We create true stability with a plan for growth

Consider These Key Points

Unless you have 3 months operating income in the bank, (including your paycheck), you are vulnerable to fall back into survival mode.

Your practice is generating at least $80,000 a month in revenue AND 20% profit.

You have a consistent, predictable and reliable way to get new patients daily.

You have started adding a small handful of ancillary services that compliment your core offer and can be easily sold to existing patients.

You have a clearly defined business strategy, core offer, and plan for success.

Defined systems, roles and values so each person the team knows what they are to do and how to do it.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Within three months Progressus Revenue had decreased our receivables and doubled our net revenue. We acquired the practice soon to discover there were many things that would need to be done to turn business around. Progressus was able to capture prior incorrectly billed claims, recoup delinquent receivables, and fix our insurance credentialing issues. Great Company!”
Dr. Anh DoFamily Physicians of Texas
"We've experienced exponential growth in our med spa practice. Some days, we get 8 to 10 new patients. I can't recommend them enough. We can finally concentrate on our business while all the marketing is taken care of."
DrFamily Practice

Two Month Turnaround for Qualifying Medical Practices

That's Right... Sixty Days is All it Takes to Stabilize Your Practice

We are process, management, and performance experts. For qualifying practices, with a reasonable flow of patients, we can transform your practice in only sixty to ninety days.
  • The beauty of our system is that it doesn't require you to make a huge investment in marketing, remodeling, additional staff, or anything else! We simply improve the efficiency of your practice to ensure you get properly reimbursed for the work you're already doing.

Practice Development

Ensuring Your Long-Term Success

We can instantly turn your practice into a profit generator. Our industry disrupting team of certified accountants and medical coders are experts at revenue cycle management and practice management.
  • 200% Increase in Billing Revenue
  • Advanced Practice Solutions
  • Great Patient Outcomes
  • Near Perfect Clinical Outcomes and Payment for All
  • Earn More Income In Exchange For Your Time and Energy

From Stability to Scale

We will transform your practice and ensure consistent revenues, strong profits and continued growth..

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